Udumbara – April 2019 – Extremadura / Spain
Wakhan live + Wakhan DJ Set

We Dark One – June 2019- Madrid / Spain
Prototype IX live

Lost Theory Festival – July 2019 – Extremadura / Spain
Wakhan live + Wakhan DJ set

Forest Soul Gathering – July 2019 – North of Portugal
Wakhan live

Arjuna Psy-hi – August 2019 – Near Barcelona / Madrid
Prototype IX live

Primitif Festival – September 2019 – Morocco
Wakhan live

About wakhan

Wakhan is the musical project of Alejandro Pantoja, a Bolivian producer based in Madrid, Spain. He is mostly centered in the production of new psychedelic trance music. Completely self-taught, producing music since year 2002/2003, moment when he discovered the magic that turns the frequency into feelings.

Wakhan is a psychedelic chill-out producer with agressive basslines and evocative leads. An internal voyage through consciousness and spirit. Just the most sincere expression of Whakan. Turning frequency into feeling.

Apart from that, he has been producing music for many other projects like short movies, commercials, jingles, etc.

He is a multi-style composer working on different projects. Chill out / Darkpsy / Hi-Tech / Heavy and Black Metal / Post Rock / OST

After many years producing different kind of music, he is centered on his hi-tech project, which remains unreleased and secret until it gets finally ready. Expect powerfull and very fast basslines with tons of atmospheres and melodies. Prototype IX is the name of the new journey through a cyber-spiritual dimension.