Her Last Journey To The Mountain – FULL ALBUM

Wakhan_music/ marzo 5, 2015/

«Her Last Journey To The Mountain» is the last work of Alejandro Pantoja better known as » Wakhan», a Bolivian producer from Madrid.

It is, as always, a very deep expression of feelings with a conceptual idea of a girl that is facing a very difficult fate, her destiny has been changed by the biggest obstacle, death.

We travel through every moment and feeling of her story through the understanding and the acceptation of death. Guided by the music, Wakhan tries to makes us feel all the pain, beautiness, darkness, madness, sadness and joy that she will face.

The album is full of painful and beautiful melodies, aggressive basslines, dark moments and lots of voices. We travel through different styles and we can discover the darkest part of Wakhan.

«And suddenly all the clouds disappeared and the flowers begun to grow around her while the whole universe were revealing itself as a last gift for her mortals eyes.»

Thanks for listening and support! If you liked it, you can buy the album at Melusine Records Bandcamp <3


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