Music Production

Advertisement Music

Short  Film / Trailer Score

Video Game Music

Jingles and Radio Music

Intro music for Youtube channels

Whatever you may need, we can work on it. I count with more than 15 years producing many different styles of music.

From classic and epic music for films and trailer, through jazzy or pop vibes for advertisements, hip-hop / trap beats, to electronic and future music.


We can do the mixing in my own studios in Madrid if you live near the city or we can make online mixing, where you can send me the stems, a reference track and I will give you back the full mixed track ready for mastering or in the format you want.


  • Free sample if it’s the first time you work with us
  • 1 – 3 songs: 150€ (1-24 tracks) / 160€ (25/48 tracks ) / 170€ (49+ tracks )
  • 4 – 5 songs: 125€ (1-24 tracks) / 135€ (25/48 tracks ) / 145€ (49+ tracks )
  • 7 or more: 100€ (1-24 tracks) / 110€ (25/48 tracks ) / 120€ (49+ tracks )

We have fixed prices but we can study your own case and aproach it in the best way to fit your budget and needs.


Polish your sound and give it the power it needs to sound professional. With our competitive prices, we can guarantee you a professional and best result for your needs. We perform full digital mastering of your whole track in stems or a unique .wav file.


  • Free sample if it’s the first time you work with us
  • 1 – 3 songs: 150€ or 170€ for stem mastering
  • 4 – 6 songs: 130€ or 150€ for stem mastering
  • 7 or more: 100€ or 120€ for stem mastering
  • 2 free mastering reference adjustments before the final master is done.

Audio Consulting

Professional advices for music production, songwriting, mixing, mastering, recording, home studio build and arrangement, equipment info, etc.

Combine different services (for example mixing and mastering) and get interesting disccounts and offers. Just feel free to ask without any compromise!